2020-01-28 Introduction and 2020 rates

Thank you for showing interest in advertising your accommodation establishment outside the Kruger National Park on our website which is more than 10 years old in 2020.

The Kruger National Park is a popular attraction for Afrikaans speaking South Africans and popular websites such as Lekkeslaap have proven that there is a definite market for Afrikaans on the Internet.

Our website focusses on Accommodation inside as well as outside the Kruger National Park. We offer you a mini website in Afrikaans on our website as well as a listing in the section which covers your specific town/area. Your direct contact/booking details are displayed.

For 2020 we charge a once-off listing fee of R1,800. You will never have to pay again!

By being affordable and charging a once-off fee we aim to have a very comprehensive directory on Accommodation outside Kruger.

People like yourself in the Industry know why it is important to list your website on Accommodation portals.

You can use Google to see if we do appear on page 1.

Try Krugerwildtuin + Akkommodasie or Try Verblyf buite die Krugerwildtuin.

Our blogs are also shared on Social Media pages.

Your listing includes a link to your website, assisting in your website's SEO efforts.

We will translate the accommodation details from your existing website. We prefer to use original text as it is a good SEO practice.

Kind regards

Francois Marais



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