Our potential advertisers should all be able to read English while not all will be able to read and understand Afrikaans so this section of the website is done in English.

We contact accommodation establishments and other tourism establishments operating or adjacent to the Kruger National Park and follow that phone call, with their permission up with an introductory email and follow up monthly newsletter.

Here is the introductory email explaining the advertising option:

Introduction www.krugerwildtuin.co.za

Your recent conversation with a representative of the website www.krugerwildtuin.co.za refers.

You are receiving this introductory email because of the mentioned conversation and will continue to receive our monthly newsletter aimed at potential advertisers on our website which wil be in English. If you no longer want to receive our monthly newsletter then you may use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. 

But before considering unsubscribing please consider that our newsletter will be audience specific and contain valuable marketing information aimed at businesses dependent on the Kruger National Park as a hot spot tourist destination.

People who love Kruger and are Afrikaans speaking will receive a different monthly newsletter aimed at their needs, that of keeping up to date with recent happenings in Kruger. We are in the marketing industry and the tone of our newsletters and the website in general will always be positive. We will do our best for example to remain smiling even while Rhinos are dying. It is not that we do not care but because Kruger is for many people a place to escape from the daily struggles and toils of life.

We will consider looking at an option in the future for our advertisers to advertise their accommodation specials on our monthly newsletter to stay relevant with the relevent theme of the website, that of accommodation inside as well as outside the Kruger National park. We chose the Afrikaans language because so many Afrikaans people love visiting Kruger and because there is a definite demand and need for such a website.

One just have to look at the success of well known large accommodation booking websites such as Lekkeslaap. We are not affiliated or associated with them and offer a different product. We charge an annual listing fee of R890 for the 2016 calendar year with an expected annual increase linked to CPI. (Like al businesses we are bound to the laws of supply and demand.) We expect to be forced to soon register vor VAT because of Turnover. Vat will then be added to all these figures.Not applicable at the moment.

For the annual subscription fee you will receive a listing in the relevant town or region adjacent to the Kruger National Park. You will also receive a mini website in Afrikaans which we will create and translate from your exisiting website in English. Our free translation is limited to information concerning your accommodation offering because this is what the website is about.

You can supply us your own text and pictures and you can even choose to upload your own information should you wish to do so.

Our SEO Strategy is simple:

Our website is in Afrikaans to service a niche market. We also have a growing and popular Facebook page. We keep advertising affordable and so include as many as possible relevant businesses on our website where people can easily find them and make direct bookings.

You can tests our claims easily by searching for us using vartions of search terms such as Krugerwildtuin verblyf / besprekings / akkommodasie etc. We should be on page 1.

The website is owned and operated by Buddy Web Design, a Cape Town based Web Design Business. It is our business to understand marketing, web deisgn and SEO. This website is also a great way to meet new potential clients. We use the powerful , easy to master software which for example allows accommodation establishments to manage bookings in real time and receive payment via payment gateways.

Our web design prices start at R2,499 . For more advanced graphics R3,999.

Monthly fee or hosting is R150. See their website for more details.

People in the tourism industry are well versed with search engines and accommodation directories so we welcome questions, comments and suggestions.

To advertise please make payment of R890 to:

Banking details

Kwikwap Ezeweb CC
Standard Bank

Email us your details or list your business with us here. We will approve and assist.

Please email your proof of payment to francois@kwikwap.co.za



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